The Page of High Priests

    The High Priests are a group of Rafans who have taken on the responsibility for the propagation and preservation of Rafanism. Rafanism does not have leaders, in the traditional sense, but the High Priests attempt to live as an example of the ideals that Rafanism has come to represent. The central goal of the High Priests is to create an environment in which all Rafans can communicate freely and come together as one.

    The High Priests hope to achieve this goal through a series of long and short term objectives. The High Priests hold High Priest Council Meetings as necessary to discuss these strategies.


  • Short term

  1. Attempt to assemble an address book of all Rafans that choose to remain active.

  2. Send out intermittent mailings to all Rafans.

  3. Assemble the Rafan Workbook.

  • Long term goals

  1. Purchase a plot of land to serve as the New Rafan Holyland

  2. Take over the world (or at least CANADA!!!)

There are more things, but I will need the other High Priests to remind me of them.

  • Short-term Goals

  1. A this time, there are many lost Rafans. Rafaniam can only exist through contact with other Rafans, so it is important that the High Priests attempt to communicate with all Rafans periodically. The High Priests must, therefore, put together a list of some basic information about all Rafans that express an interest in remaining Rafans.

  2. As stated above, communication and interpersonal contact are an essential part of Rafanism. Occasional mailings to Rafans that live away from established churches, would help to keep these children of Barney an active part of Rafanism.  The spirit of these mailings should be to get Rafans involved who have been out of touch with other Rafans. The mailings should include something to fill in and send back, so that replies can be posted to the page. Of course, the mailings should mention the Rafan Homepage and warn Rafans that their replies may be posted under their Rafan name, or, if they choose, totally anonymously.

  3. It is quite difficult to sum up Rafaniam in a simple sentance or paragraph. Rafanism has evolved from the writings in the Holy Rafan Bibles, As well as through interpersonal contact between Rafans. Unfortunately, since there is still only one original and fragile copy of each Bible, it is difficult for anyone, even the High Priests to read and review them regularly.
        The proposed Rafan workbook would have at least three major sections. The first section would contain directly transcribed or copyed chapters from the original Bibles. Photocopying Bible chapters is usually not very sucessfull, so the chapters would probably be hand copied to high quality paper and scanned or photocopied. The second section would consist of lists and other archival information, much of wich is already on the homepage. The third section would simply be a series of blank pages for Rafnas to write Bible chapters in.
        The workbook will assist Rafans in mentoring new Rafans. A workbook would be given to a perspective Rafan, so that the person can learn about Rafanism. The workbook could then be circulated amoung the new Rafan and existing Rafans in the area for chapter writing in the blank section. This will foster an environment in which new Rafans can experience Rafanism as the origianal Rafans did.
        The workbbok will also serve as a single volume "condensed" Bible for study and review by current Rafans. It should also be posted on the page to give visitors a sense of what Rafanism is really about.
  • Long term goals
  1. An important part of Rafanism is the concept of the Rafan Land. Any physical space that is significant to a Rafan or group of Rafans is part of the Rafan Land, although these areas are not necessarily physically connected. The expression "Rafan Land" or "Rafan Holyland" has also been used to describe the specific place most important to Rafans. The former Rafan Holyland was destroyed by an elite team of DeathFuckers several years ago, and no single place has emerged as the new Rafan Holyland.
        The former Rafan Holyland had several important features that must be reproduced in a new Rafan Holyland. Most importantly, the new Rafan Holyland should have a lot of open space for adventuring as well as sheltered or semi-sheltered areas for group gatherings and official Rafan functions. Ideally, the new Rafan Holyland should be located near where most Rafans live.
        The High Priests feel that they could raise enough money in the next several years to purchase a modest plot of land to serve these purposes.

  2. OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: The threat to take over the world and/or Canada stated above was JUST A JOKE. Neither Rafans as a whole nor the High Priests have any empirical intentions. Really. I mean it.