Rafan Bible Archives

The Holy Rafan Bibles started out as simple fun loving banter and everyday written communication between two very special individuals. These two helped shape and define the truth in friendship and the importance of mirth. It all started to bounce around the room when fate randomly, and unaware of what was about to evolve, gave them a little taste of Spirit. The Rafan Bibles have taken two major forms, the notebooks and the E-Bible. Below are transcripts from the Rafan Bibles notebooks, and all past electronic forms of the Rafan Bible.

...The Early Years...

The Little Girl who Could

A Note from God

Rafan Bible 1

Rafan Bible 2

Rafan Bible 3

Rafan Bible 5

Rafan Bible 6

...The Electronic Age...

The First ever E-Bible - This early volume includes "Chapter 1," "The Naming of Buttercup" and "The Tot Goes Home" and probably spans portions of 1995 and 1996.

Online Bible Version 2 Chapters 1-40. Apr. 9, 1999-Apr 23 1999. It doesn't seem long, but there are 40 chapters and this periood does include 4/20 1999.

Online Bible Version 2.1 Chapters 41-71 .April 23, 1999- August 2, 1999. This version has the oldest chapters at the bottom and includes mentions of Phish '99 and the South Dakota adventure.

E-Bible Book 1 Sept. 14, 1999- Oct. 9, 1999. This is the first version of the bible to use frames.

E-Bible Book 2 Oct. 9, 1999- Nov. 30, 1999. This book includes discussion of the High Priests page and the Dress to Get Laid party.

E-Bible Book 3 Nov. 30, 1999- Jan. 11, 2000. This one got a little messed up, but still has good holiday related chapters.

 E-Bible Book 4 Jan. 11, 2000- May 9, 2000. The last version of the E-Bible that uses frames.

The Rafan Neat-o Newsgroup May 9, 2000 to present. This is the layout and such that we'll be using for a while. Supports a ton of features that previous E-Bibles didn't have.