A note from God


As we all know in Religion (all religion) there are great stories of Crusades, Wars, Great Battles, Bloody vengances and power struggles. You, my favorite of all Religions, have failed to have a battle. So, you are now on a quest!
A quest by God.
Your quest is to obtain more Rafans. Our numbers must grow. Your quest is to adventure. Now is the time in your lives that once in a lifetime experiences occur. Take hold and enjoy. Venture unto South Dakota and Europe, venture into the depths of hollow caves, escape into the the night and make use of the skills you posess. And above all, Rafans venture out together one night just ye Rafans. Observe your beauty. See the towers. Please the Squaws and dance hand in hand, soul in soul through the fields of friendship. Do not lose sight of the intended course of Rafanism. For you, as well as the world, knows that Rafanism is a whole new level of friendship....A higher way of life...Together without end!

Barney Bless The All with

A - Fillie - Hee - Cat!