The Little Girl Who Could

Based on a true story

Once upon a time there were a bunch of big boys and girls who smoked marijuana very well. They put the great big bowl to their mouth and sucked the smoke very hard and held it in very long. When they smoked a joint they never got little red hot leaves on their tongue.
Once, when they were about to het high, they let a nice little girl named Lisa come along. No one thought that Lisa smoked pot, because she was a nice little girl that didn't do those kind of things. But Lisa said, "I tried it, but i burned my throat," and the Rafans decided to teach her how to smoke right!
When the friends go to one of the big boys' house, they got out a joint! They asked Lisa if she wanted any, but she said that she would burn her throat. Eventually the friends got her to try.
"I think I can, I think I can," Lisa said, and started to inhale slowly. But when she exhaled, nothing came out. Lisa said, "I think I can, I think I can!" and after instructions fron the Sex Mistress, inhaled again. She was told to hold it in for a long time, but she exhaled. A little puff of smoke came out! She could do it! She inhales again and when she exhaled she made another little golf ball of smoke. Yea Lisa! Lisa didn't really get high that night, but she tried to get high with the friends many more times and she learned how to do it very well. The all lived happily after