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    New to Rafanism? Feel free to explore our land. You may want to start by reading What is Rafanism? Rafan reference information, records and literature can be found in the Rafan Library. Rafanism's ideals are based on the writings in The Rafan Bibles, portions of wich are reproduced here. Or check out The Electronic Bible, where current biblical writing takes place.

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Once again, Rafansim has been given mention in High Time's Hemp 100. We appear at #45 in the March issue now available for purchase in newsstands or viewing online here.

A majority of High Priests met recently for the first ever High Priests Council Meeting. Several decisions were made on the present and future status of Rafanism.
    The High Priests discussed their mission as High Priests as well as long and short term goals. They decided that, as High Priests, their primary goal is to foster an environment that encourages all Rafans to communicate and come together physically. Short term goals include assembling a "Rafan workbook" to assist experienced Rafans in mentoring a Rafan-to-be, while the long term goal of buying a plot of land for Rafan gatherings was given serious thought.

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