Old news prior to Y2K


Many items have happened since news was last updated.... <sigh> where to start? Ok, so we're on our own server now, we can host our own email now, and most importantly we have a awesome discussion group app now. Rafans Rule, I don't think there's any other way to put it!
Oh yeah. There's been a couple new Rafans added to the List. Welcome to all of you!


Added the Little Wiz Kid to the list.... are we missing anyone?


The Rafan Gallary has been added to the Library section. The gallary basically has all images from the homepage that are directly Rafan-related. Feel free to e-mail any images you have that you want in the gallary.


The Tot's "What is Rafanism?" entry was added to the appropriate section of the homepage.


In one of the biggest changes in Rafan Homepage history, The entire page was overhauled and replaced with a new design by the Keepers of Friendship and Mirth. This new page is hoped to be more convienient to use and easier to read, and takes into account suggestions made at the High Priests' Council meeting.


Bible Archives were updated!! All of the E-bibles are now listed with dates and descriptions, along with the print bible chapters, which were already there.


Beginning to update the list of holidays with each Rafan's Rafan name. Please check out the list and let the Keeper of Mirth or the Keeper of Friendship know if your date has been missed, or if your Rafan name is not by your date.


The Rafan newsgroup has been fixed. Actually, a new discussion group was created that looks like the old one.
Click here to go there now!


Really big things happening lately. The server was down for about a week due to a fan that stopped working. Spirit got a brand new power supply that should keep it up and happy for many months to come.

It's finally been done. As you may have heard, the Keeper of Mirth registered the Internet name rafansrule.org, and so from now on, you can access the site using http://www.rafansrule.org:79/
The redirect on eta.org is still in place so if you want to enter from there you are welcome to.

We have lots of good ideas for the coming months as to how we will be able to improve the site and by summer be able to give every Rafan their own @rafansrule.org E-mail address!

Do you have something you'd like to be put on the page, or Rafan news? Mail it to the Keeper of Mirth here:Mail

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