A few minor cahanges were made to the links and lists. Sho-nuff was added to the list of devices and Penelope's entry was altered. The Hightimes link was replaced with a shnazzy HighTimes banner and www.marijuana.com was added to the links


Must I say it? More chapters from the Spirit! The first true Bible entry ever is in the Bible 1 section, along with chapters 1 and 2.


Once again the Spirit comes through with a new transcription from the original Holy Rafan Bibles. This time it's Chapter 5 from Bible 3: "The Rice Cakes Over a Balloon" story as well as Chapters 16 and 17 from the previously mentioned bible. These chapters are a brief dialogue between the Spirit and La Sex Mistress.


NEW bible chapters on the Bible Transcripts page. They are chapter 16 from bible 1, chapter 97 from bible 2 and excerpts from a  mild disagreement between Mirth and the Spirit in Bible 2 concerning one special velcro bracelet.


High Priest's Notes section added. This section should eventually contain a list of the short and long term goals of the High Priests as well as any info from High Priest Council Meetings and other fun stuff.


Have added 5 more Rafans (and groupie) to the list. Major updates to the E-Bible still happening. Think we've found a good interface, but nothing is permanent on this site.....  :-p


Added link and banner for a Simpsons website. Check it out!


The Rafan Virtual Land has been uploaded from Tripod to this server.


The newest (and hopefully last method) Electronic Bible has been created. This newest installment includes such features as threaded discussions and you can even search for text strings! Check it out!


By his own request, Dr Benway has been excommunicated. He is the third Rafan in history to be removed from our ranks.


The Rafan Homepage has been moved to its new location in The Keeper of Friendship's new apartment. May we soonly get rafansrule.org registered!


Added another two Rafans to the list. Thanks to the TOT for letting me know!!!


Added three new Rafans to the list! WooHoo!

The TOT just mailed me two more chapters from Bible5, they have been added to the Bible5 Section. I must remind myself to give the TOT Bible4 the next time I see him...

Sometime between 6/2 and 6/8

The TOT continues to shine with transposing the print Bibles. At some point in the last few days I've put up more chapters he's sent me from Bible 6, my dumb stoner ass just forgot to tell the people! Oops, guess I gotta lay off the bong!


The TOT just keeps on cranking out the chapters. I've added 6 new pages, three of which are chapters from Bible 5, and two are from Bible 6. The last one is the index page or Bible 6. When the TOT is done with Bible 6 I shall give him Bible 4, provided I get it back!

Also added another link, one that the TOT suggested.


Added another three chapters from Bible 5. Page hits and bible posts are slowing down a bit again...


Added four more chapters from Bible 5. Thanks, TOT, for all the good work!


For anyone who cares, I had to remove the Phish MP3 section this morning... Apparently I was taking up 900% more than the average user.

Also, I did the first archival of the E-Bible. There is a link on the E-Bible page to take you to the first 40 chapters. I'm working on a method to archive them in ascending order versus descending, but I'll probably just end up doing it all by hand. Yum!


Added three more chapters from Bible 5. Thanks, TOT for all the great work so far!

Ok, Netscape and other users. I hope you can now all access the Rafan Homepage. Check it out and tell me what you think!


So far this month, the Rafan homepage has had 148 hits!!! Woo Hoo!


Beginning to alter the layout of the Bible Stories to be more compatible with having stories divided up by Bible. Added Bible 5 area.


Starting to transcribe stories from the Old Bibles to the Web. Selected stories will be put up first, and eventually whole bibles will be uploaded. Give up a break, though! We can only type so fast!


A new Rafan has joined the fold! Huzzah!!!


Part of Chapter 125 from Bible 5 was added by the TOT. Thanks, man. Also done by the TOT and appearing soon on the site is a DeathFucker graphic. The Chatroom has finally been tested. Other stuff added/fixed. Too tired to remember


Moved link for Rafan Bible Stories from the sidebar to the E-Bible page. Always trying to make the site look better... :-P


Got the Electronic Bible up and running. Hopefully people will POST!


Added a link to a guestbook that I've created... no entries at this point, however I hope Rafans and other visitors will sign it to let me know who's been here and seen our message.


Rafanism has made its appearance in High Times' Hemp 100, marking the first time Rafanism will be made known to readers of that publication. Hoo Ha! Go see it here.


Trying to get people active in the site again... The knowledge of many many more Rafans has made known to me by the Spirit.


Dr. Benway has registered a Phish related domain name, and hopes of it going online on the Internet after New Years run high. Sometime shortly thereafter work will begin on moving parts of the Rafan Web site to the new machine. The new domain will be a source (I hope) of Phish concerts and other use(ful)less information. If you have any views or want to help, mail the Keeper of Mirth below...


Added 2nd chat page as an evaluation to see which one works better.


Added chat page. seems to suck though, due to not being able to specify a nickname prior to joining channel. This can be fixed by typing "/nick (whatever name you want)" without the quotes. Updated to the best of my ability the Rafan e-mail list. Some people no longer have addresses, while others have been added

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