The story of all of Rafanism is played out through a series of important characters. These characters all have specific individual traits that characterize how they fit into Rafanism. Since a Rafans day-to-day experience is just as important as the spiritual world of Rafanism, these characters also play unique parts in typical daily life (every day is a Rafan adventure).

Barney Christ

Barney is Christ!

Barney Christ is with Rafans always. Transformed into our mesiah after putting his finger into a light socket, Barney represents the light, care-free side of Rafans. He likes having a good time, but often just wanders and wonders about the world around him. ktkof

The Snooze

He shows us the way

The snooze is seen differently by different Rafans, but he is basically a floating, glowing ball who helps to navigate the world for Rafans. All Rafans propensity to adventure, especially at night, makes the Snooze necessary and important to the Rafan way of life. He is also a symbol of the Rafan spirit. ktkof

The Snooze (top left) and Coctyle


The dog with the senseless piece of cake on his head

Coctyle's symbolic significance is somewhat less clear, but he is a playful pup that lightens the hearts of all Rafan travelers. He represents the centrality of fun and mirth to Rafan life. ktkof


Agent Jay

The Rafan Protector

Agent Jay is a secret agent type who not only protects Rafans, but actually arranges adventures for them. When the time is right, things just happen to Rafans, because of Agent Jay. As a protector, he also helps stop an adventure from getting out of hand. ktkof

The Little Midget Fairy Donut People

Mysterious beings who live under The Keeper of Mirth's bed (or whichever bed he calls his own at the time)


The leader of the Little Midget Fairy Donut People


The Rafan Prophet.

The Ever Living Shit

A close friend of the Rafans who often get kicked out of their enemies.

Mr. Normal Strange

He's tough to spot because he's a shape changer, but he always has a pirate looking hoop earring. We're not sure exactly what he does, (besides producing his very own Rafan funky jam) but he's definitely on our side.


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