The Rafan Dictionary

A Fillee Hee Cat: An expression used to convey feelings of joy or congratulations.

Burning Dirt: An phrase to say the bowl is cashed, ie:Hey man, we're burning dirt!

Beveled (state): How one feels the morning after a long night of smoking the holy herb.

The Cat is in the Duck: The cat is in the duck when one is coctyle. Often said after smoking the holy herb.

Coctyle (n): The dog with a senseless piece of cake on his head. (v) To be experiencing certain effects, ie: The holy herb made me feel coctyle.

Death Fuckers  [also DeathFuckers] (collective noun): 1. Anything or anyone evil. 2. The doers of bad things. 3. The mortal enemy of all Rafans.

Hoo Ha: An expression used by the Spirit Matt's grandpa to express joy and happiness.

Pass the Cat: One passes the cat after the bowl. A good way to use the smoke to it's fullest.

Pass the ferret: See pass the cat.

Poemem: (n) Rafan poetry written while coctyle.

Put another coal on the fire: "Wanna smoke more pot?"

Rafan (n): a member of this religion. See Rafanism

Rafan Feast: A celebration with Rafans and Rafan groupies only in attendance.

Rafan Groupie: Someone who hangs out with Rafans, but for some reason is not (yet) a Rafan.

Rafanism (n): A religion created in 1992 based on friendship and a higher way of life.

The Rafan Land: Any place that has spiritual significance to a group of Rafans. The Land is the entirity of the Rafan universe and is seen as a single place. New Rafan Land can be and is uncovered regularly.


Rafan Magic: The power of Rafanism stems from the magical bond of friendship. The key to unlocking this power is conversation, communication, the sharing of ideas and ideals. When Rafans converse, the energy of their spirits creates a momentum of it's own, and becomes a radiant squirming coil. This energy guides and powers the mysterious forces of Rafan Magic. The forces of Rafan Magic seem to benefit Rafans when they most need it and sometimes least expect it, but the mechanism by which this occurs is yet unknown.

Rafans Rule: A way to express joy at Rafan celebrations or from one Rafan to another.

Wanna Whoopie?: an expression released in times when one is very and truly beveled, referring to a certain picture (owned by the Spirit) of a strange old man, with his slogan (the aforementioned Wanna Whoopie?)

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