Rafans love to party, however it has to be something more than just sitting around getting drunk or high and zoning out on T.V. (Well, we end up diong that sometimes but who doesn't?) One of the things we do to avoid those boring evenings in silence is to invent games. There are hundreads of Rafan games and most of them were forgotten the night they were invented. Here are some of the classics that have proven themselves through many a party. They come with alot of rules because they're games and that's what makes them special, however, that DOES NOT! mean that you have to follow the rules. This is how we play them if you don't like aspects of a game, change them. And, if you've got a really good idea, e-mail me and let me know. Hope you enjoy. -The TOT--


This is probobly the oldest and most famous Rafan game. It's an impov acting game that involves three players. (other people can be the audience and rate the players performance) The first person is the actor. He pantomomes actions and does silly things but does not talk. The second person is the caller. This person fills in dialogue that should fit the actors motions. It doesn't have to be perfect, just remember, the point of this game is to make your friends laugh. (I'ts alot easier when they're intoxicated) The third player is the director. His job is to keep the game from getting dull. Whenever a scene is dying or gets so funny he knows it's climaxed and won't get any better, he calls "CUT SLICE ACTION!" prompting the actor and caller to move on to a new scene. The actor and the caller may not move on to a new scene until the cue from the director.


Sexual euphamisms is one of the more popular Rafan games. It is played by choosing a random topic, (such as auto repair) and using aspects of that subject in suggestive mannors. In reference to auto mechanics, one might say "...but hey, if your gonna slide under the car you better be wearin' your jump suit! If ya know what I mean!" or "She gave me a real 'LUBE JOB', if you know what I'm talking about!" The game continues in that particular subject until a new one is mentioned. This normally happens after the topic becomes tiresome or after a phrase that is so funny one could not imagine topping it. The style of the game is traditionaly executed in the fasion of womanizing locker room braggers, but be as creative as you like.


This is actually more of a great conversation piece than a game,but is refered to as both. The idea of this game is to discuss, in depth, the possibilities of personal life as we know it, assuming we are only allowed one of a certain object for life. What? confused? Let me explain. Say for example you could only have one pack of cigarettes your entire life. They may have been given to you at birth in a sort of traditional ceramony or something. In any case, for the sake of the game, we now assume cigarettes are important or somehow meaningful to you. What might this entail? There might be cigarette banks in order to assure you of a fresh smoke, whenever withdrawn. There's a great chance underground black markets might arise. One might inherit a pack from a relative. So on and so on and so on and so on and on and on.


This is one of the more recent, yet one of the most enjoyed Rafan game. The game is set up for at least two people and goes like this: One person suggests anything (not so out of the ordinary) by saying for example, "Give me one good weird reason why I shouldn't be driving with my headlights on." In turn another player comes up with exactly that! He/she might say, "You seriously should not be driving with your headlights on because, little do you know (you'll hear that phrase a lot!), there is a light eating monster up around the bend and he, being the hideous devilish monster he is, might accidentally devour the car whole. Us included!" The conversation will generally follow from there involving the philosophies of afore mentioned characters and or events. Keep in mind this game also involves a lot of acting. It quickly looses all the fun without melodramatic sincerity.


These games are not for the weak minded. They involve quick thinking.


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