Every Rafan's birthday is a holiday, as well as every Halloween, April Fool's Day, Friday the 13th., and any other day designated a holiday by a Rafan.


January: The Spirit - 4th.

February: 10th.

March: 21st.

April: 1st,
The Keeper of Mirth - 23rd.

May: The Little Wiz Kid - 10th,
JoJotheWonderSomethingorother - 27th.

June: 3rd,

July: 24th.

August: The Ninga - 31st.

September: The Lieutenant - 21st.
The ToT - 27th or 28th.... I can't remember which! :-p

October: The Keeper of Friendship - 7th.

November: 1st,

December: The Chameleon - 8th,
Special K - 24th, 31st.

Let me guess... I forgot your birthday. Well, hey, I got these from Bible 4, and that's the list from 1994! You know the drill, mail it to me and it'll get in here. Also, try to sign stuff, as most browsers don't magically know your e-mail address. This way i can see who i've forgotten.

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