You walk up to a group of people on the other side of the gate.

They are standing in a circle. You can't quite see what they're doing, but they appear to be playing some kind of game.

    "What is this place?" you ask.

    A lovely young woman who identifies herswlf as The Elf replies, "What, your joking, right? How could you have gotten here if you don't know where you are?"

    "That's a good question," you reply. "I don't know how I got here, but I would like to know where here is" You suddenly become aware that one of the members of the group is holding a three foot hand-blown glass bong.

    "Well, this is the Rafan Homeland, but we like to simply call it 'the Land.' My name is the Little Friend. You've already met the Elf. The others are Funchunk and Hippienipple the Islander. We are Rafans."

    "The only real way to learn about the Land is to just hang out and walk around," Hippienipple the Islander tells you. "Try going to the Snooze Room or maybe the Game-a-torium. Or else just wander."

Go to the Snooze Room

Go to the Game-a-torium

Ask to join the game