What is Rafanism?

A Whole New Level of Friendship and a Higher Way of Life...

... Or read these descriptions of Rafanism written by several long-time Rafans:

It is possible that the exact definition of Rafanism can never be stated.  It is true that certain personality traits are common to most Rafans, such as seeking adventure and higher knowledge of our world, yet we are all unique. We find friendship and mirth to be two of the most important components of the human experience. It can also be said that we enjoy our share of the most Holy Herb. Marijuana is a strong cultural component of the Rafan world. We feel that the Holy Hemp brings us closer to each other and closer to the adventurous, creative aura that is Rafanism. These are the qualities that we generally share. Collectively, we call these and other, less tangible traits and tendencies the Rafan Spirit. This is not a list of mandatory beliefs or attitudes; Rafans make no demands on each other. We simply co-exist and glow in the light of the Rafan Spirit.

-The Keeper of Friendship

Rafanism is so much more than just a group of people who claim to have a "cult." For me, Rafanism embodies every part of every day... In fact, one could almost consider it Karma to the nth. degree. Whether or not the Rafan is conscious they are doing it, every person they come in contact with becomes instilled with the Rafan Spirit. It is this Spirit that brings us closer to each other.

- The Keeper of Mirth

I believe that religion is an important part of the human experience. Surrounding ourselves with like minded people, provides us with a base of emotional support that can bring out the best in anyone. I was born, baptized, and raised catholic. All too soon, however, I found too many inconsistencies and hypocrisies for my taste. By the time I was 11, I considered myself an atheist. Despite this decision, I continued to research other religions. Always hoping to find the "right" one. Always without success. In high school, I met the Spirit, and he brought me into Rafanism. At last I had found what I was always looking for, a religion that focused on how to live instead of preparing to die. Not that it lists concrete instructions on what or what not to do, but it did provide a great group of fun people to figure it out with.

To me, the basic underlying philosophy of Rafanism is very simple: Don't blindly accept what people tell you is right or wrong. Look at the world around you. look deep into your own heart and soul, and use what you see to figure out what YOU believe. But don't be afraid to change your beliefs as you learn, grow, and change.

Now I know a lot of people would think; "But wait a minute! Some crazy religion made up by a bunch of high school kids in Wisconsin could never have the validity of a mutated 2000 year old bureaucracy handing down edicts in the name of god!" And those people are probably right. But quite frankly, I don't give a fuck.

- The Tot


To me Rafanism is knowing that not only during the happiest parts of your life, during all the wonderful things that may happen to you, but that even during the lowest of lows, and the most heinous Evil Death-fucks, that there is always going to be this wonderful group of people there to share in your experiences; to celebrate with during the good times and gain support from during the bad times. That and it's cool to be in a cultish religion.

- The Little Friend

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